Welcome to the Canadian Society for Virology membership registration system

CSV member’s benefits include reduced registration fees to the bi-annual workshop, reduced publication fees in Journal to which CSV has signed agreements and eligibility to the lab exchange program and to the various awards. Details can be found in the “CSV program” tab.

All memberships are valid from January 1st and valid for 1 year or 3 years according to the following categories.

Important: option for 1-year or 3-years will appear in the form once you select the membership type.

Full Member:
$75 for 1-year membership
$200 for 3-years membership

Post-Doctoral fellow/Research associate/Research assistant member:
$50 for 1-year membership
100$ for 3-years membership

Trainee member:
$25 for 1-year membership
$50 for 3-years membership

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