25 janvier 2024


The Canadian Society for Virology represents and unites a diverse group of over 300 Canadian virologists. Collectively, our membership possesses a unique skillset enabling them to decipher and quench the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last three plus years, CSV-member virologists have relentlessly surpassed themselves to offer solutions to SARS-CoV-2, and to communicate up to date status reports to the public and the government. Herein, we feature three principal investigators and one trainee and highlight their COVID-19 pandemic activities. Furthermore, we provide the collective aggregate publication output of our membership as related to COVID-19, highlighting the world-class research accomplished by Canadian virologists. Clearly, our members are at the forefront of Canadian pandemic preparedness and mitigation strategies.

Cason's Cause - 5K Run & Walk : In support of Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

12 mai 2023


How lucky are we to have had someone in our lives who makes saying good-bye so overwhelmingly sad and heartbreaking. The science world, Cason’s friends and family have felt this loss since learning of his sudden passing on Aug. 11, 2022.

Dr. Cason King was born and raised in Sarnia, graduated with distinction with a PhD. in virology and microbiology from Western University and then joined the University of Wisconsin. There he continued his post doctorate research on influenza and how it interacts with the cells that it affects. 

On Aug. 10th, Cason went to bed, thinking he would wake up in the morning, go to work and have another day. Sometime during the early hours of Aug. 11, his heart stopped and Sherry and Doug’s world did too. Life truly is fragile and it is so important to embrace every opportunity whether it be to follow our dreams or show someone that we care. 

Cason’s Cause” was conceived by two of his friends, Johanna and Chantal, as a way of honouring a truly remarkable young man. On Sat. May 27th, you are invited to join the girls, Sherry and Doug at St. Patrick’s High School [Sarnia, ON] for a 5 km walk / run. Walk 1 km or all 5 km, bring your dog, bring your kids, bring your friends and join us at 10:00 a.m. as we remember a young life that ended way too soon. 

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We are the Canadian Society for Virology and We are Pleased to Meet You!

26 septembre 2019

Welcome CSV Members and those interested in virology!

We are excited to present the Canadian Society for Virology (CSV) – a non-profit society dedicated to fostering and supporting virology across Canada. We are a growing group (+200) of collegial Canadian Virologists and Virology Trainees who are passionate about making cutting-edge discoveries and providing educational opportunities in the diverse areas of virology research that include animal and bacterial viruses, and range between basic, translational and clinical sciences. By providing support for our virologists, we hope that the groundbreaking science being made by Canadians researchers can have an even bigger impact in the national and international research communities. Our support is offered through our many member benefits that you will find in this website. 

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 La SCV est une organisation à but non lucratif qui est constituée en vertu de la Loi canadienne sur les organisations à but non lucratif #967119-6.